MySitePromo is an easy to use website creator and editor available exclusively for MySitePromo members.
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MySitePromo is the most advanced (but, not complicated) web page builder on the 'Net.
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No Website? No Problem!

Introducing... MySitePromo

The BEST Web page Creator On The 'Net, and...


Now you can have the Internet presence you've wanted and you don't even have to be concerned about hosting and maintenance fees. Hosting and maintenance is included with your MySitePromo web page!

MySitePromo is the most advanced (but, not complicated) web page builder on the 'Net. If you're experienced at this sort of thing, you can have your web page up and running in less than an hour. A little longer if you're a beginner.

Use your MySitePromo web page for any program or business you want (no porno, hate or illegal web pages please).

A tip: A really great way to benefit is to use your web page as a Lead-capture page where you "capture" the name and contact information of your potential customer and build your opt-in mailing list! If you are an ISORegister member, your Autoresponder integrates with your MySitePromo web page to create a sign-up form to "capture" lead contact information. You've heard the saying, "The fortune is in your mailing list"? Build your opt-in mailing list!

Great News About MySitePromo... it's as simple and basic as you want it to be or as advanced as you want it to be. How can that be? It has "basic" features and "advanced" features. Start where you are comfortable.

  Make your own web page or lead-capture page as easily as typing a letter.

  No HTML knowledge necessary - (but you can use HTML if you wish).

  Create up to two pages through the MySitePromo system.

  Insert images, links and even flash.

  Unlimited color choices.

  Works with browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Mozilla.

  Choose from 6 different URL's, add your special tag word to the end of the chosen URL and off you go. Ex: One of the URL's you can choose is, you select this domain and then call it yourname, so your site URL would be

  Image library so you can create unique web pages without having to search for content.

MySitePromo is only $87 per year and this is NOT a recurring payment. If you want to keep your site, you simply pay $87 in 12 months and if you donít, do nothing and your account will automatically be deleted but you will NOT be billed again.

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